Why Men Disappear and How to Prevent it From Happening

A question many women have is why men disappear. Nearly every woman has been blindsided by the disappearance of someone just when the relationship seemed to be going well. The emotional devastation makes many people feel hesitant about dating again. Understanding why it happens may help to reduce the fear of moving forward and even prevent problems with future relationships.

Understand Their Limits

A man that is not interested in a long-term relationship is not husband material, no matter how close a couple may seem. A woman that dreams of having a family and celebrating year after year with the same partner should avoid dating men that do not share the same vision. Even if they can convince the man to stay, they will forever be with someone who does not have his heart invested in the relationship.

Keep Communication Open

It is easy to assume someone is happy when they continue to be there every day, but this is not always the reality. Many men are awkward when it comes to initiating important conversations. They may avoid discussions that could become heated or emotional. It is especially hard for them when their partner is unwilling to really listen to what they have to say. Open communication is necessary, so couples can discuss what they want from the future and how they view the relationship today.

Let Them Go

Understand the relationship is over when a man disappears by refusing to respond to texts, emails or phone calls. Do not continue to chase them or send messages about all the reasons why they should return. They have made their decision and the constant pleading for answers or for their return makes a woman look weak and needy. He will realize the loss if the two really are meant to be together and the reunion and long-term chances are better when the man is the one that makes the initial contact for a reconciliation.

It is painful when men leave but being in a relationship with someone that is unhappy is even worse. Women that dedicate their time and effort to convince a man to stay are missing out on the opportunity to meet the man that will appreciate them. Life is too short to choose a partner that is not equally committed.